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X AUTOHAUX Car Keyless Entry System Remote Control w/Blank Key for Toyota DC 12V

Product Features:

    Description:Remotely lock and your car.Outside pins for selecting electric lock/pneumatic lock.Light flashing function.It with the turning light.Negative trunk release output optional.Power window output.Remote car location,can find your car easily.LED status indicator optional.Automatic central lock output optional.Includes two 4-button remotes.Note: The blank key fits for Toyota.This is NON-OEM product.Specification:Main Unit:…
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Product Description

Remotely lock and your car.
Outside pins for selecting electric lock/pneumatic lock.
Light flashing function.
It with the turning light.
Negative trunk release output optional.
Power window output.
Remote car location,can find your car easily.
LED status indicator optional.
Automatic central lock output optional.
Includes two 4-button remotes.


The blank key fits for Toyota.
This is NON-OEM product.
Main Unit:
Output Current: Signal Light:5A*2, Siren 10 A, Central Lock 10A
Coding: Learning Code
Voltage:DC 12+/-2V
Static Cureent: <12mA (except indicator,sensor)

Remote Control:
Battery:DC 6V
Voltage:DC 12V
Coding:Learning Code
Code Times:> 1million

Package Include:
1 x Control Box
2 x Remote Controllers
1 x LED Connection Wire
1 x Wire

Product Features

  • 4-button Keyless Entry System
  • Remotely lock and your car
  • Remote trunk release
  • BLANK Key ONLY fits for TOYOTA
  • Suitable for all types of 12V vehicles