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Kids Smart Watch for Boys Smartwatch Wifi/GPS Tracker Watch, Kids GPS Tracker Watch Activity Tracker Digital Watch, Touch Screen HD Camera Pedometer SOS Math Game Watch for Boys Girls School Gift

Product Features:

    🔔SIM Recommend⚡ We only provide the phone watch but without SIM card. You need to buy a SIM Card separately, we recommend SpeedTalk Mobile Card in US.⚡ Recommend to open $5/month plan, included 100 min Call / 100 MB / 100 SMS.⚡ You can search ""SpeedTalk Mobile""on Amazon. T-mobile…
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Product Description

🔔SIM Recommend
⚡ We only provide the phone watch but without SIM card. You need to buy a SIM Card separately, we recommend SpeedTalk Mobile Card in US.
⚡ Recommend to open $5/month plan, included 100 min Call / 100 MB / 100 SMS.
⚡ You can search “”SpeedTalk Mobile””on Amazon. T-mobile has too much plan that we can’t ensure each of the plan can be compatible with our gps tracker watch.
⚡ Don’t support AT&T,Sprint, Verizon network format.””

Please help double check the SIM card is activated and caller-ID is enabled before insert into the watch.

💚How to set up?
🌙1.Activated the sim via your phone
🌙2.Please turn off watch before inserting the sim to watch
🌙3.Created a account in App “”””setracker””””,registered choose North America
🌙4.Send APN codes via your phone Message app to watch
🌙5.Test in App
More Details in Manual.
If you meet DEVICE OFFLINE,please contact us!

💖Warm Tips >
⭐If you cannot power on the watch or cannot be charged, this is because of the product after a long period of transport, the battery might be exhausted. Or the battery is loose and not correctly installed. Please remind your child to reinstall the battery then use USB charge for the watch more than 30 minutes before use it.
⭐If you notice the watch cannot get signal on the screen, it shall be installing SIM card is not correct or the SIM card has not been activated.
⭐If you notice that you can’t use the camera to take a picture or can’t play music, please check if the memory card is loose, because the card may be loose during transportation. Please remind your child to reinstall the memory card.

We offer lifetime technical support for you,if you have any problem,feel free to contact with us via Amazon Support.

Product Features

  • 💎【Best Gift Wifi+GPS Smartwatch for Kids】Support Two-way call, Foundation Waterproof, Wifi+GPS Positioning, SOS Emergency Call, High Sensitive Touch Screen, Pedometer, Activity Tracking, Camera, Make Friends, Voice Chat, School Mode, Clock, Photo Album, Alarm Clock, Geofence, Math Game, 12 Hour Format, etc. Parents can control and set the watch through the APP. All function can meet the children need and give them a colorful childhood annd leave a beatiful m.
  • ⛳【Wifi+GPS Safety Tracker Smart Watch】GPS locating is a way of satellite positioning,so it is quite accurate,Realize all-day real-time location tracking.The watch location will be more accurately than signal LBS model.When you’re outdoor Or good signal place,The GPS tracker error will be less than 100meter/330ft,When you indoor or poor GPS signal place,The error will be 0.5-4 miles when in the LBS.Children just click SOS to connect the phone.The watch can track and locate your child’s position.
  • 🍀【Two Way Calls & Voice Chat】 Parents can set 10 phone number s in the phone book via App” SeTracker 2″, when children are in trouble and they feel free to contact the parents. In addition, smartwatch supports the function of voice chat, its time up to 15.So parents can chat and communicate with children through this smart watch at any time,close the distance between each other.
  • 💯【SOS Button & Class Mode】Press SOS key for 3 seconds. Parents can set three numbers for SOS emergency call, it will call 3 SOS phone numbers alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call. When in distress, your kid can use this smart watches fast dial to inform you which is that important in an emergency situation. Parents can set the forbidden time while class time during the week day.
  • 🍭【How to Select the SIM Card】The watch Worked as unlocked GSM Phone, support micro SIM card, we only provide Smartwatch, but no SIM card, please purchase additional GSM network SIM card, we recommend SPEEDTALK SIM (belonging to T-mobile network), watch SIM card needs to be enabled GPRS function and caller ID function, must be compatible with 2G of data traffic, watches currently only use 2G of data traffic.