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Calculator,12 Digit Solar Calculator, Standard Function Electronics Desktop Calculator,Big ButtonLarge LCD Display,Handheld for Daily and Basic Office Calculators(Rose Gold)

Product Features:

    Basic calculators are necessary tools for everyone and are used in daily life works.To meet the expectation of one's need it is necessary to choose the right calculator.basic calculators helps to perform simple calculationsbasic calculator is quite unique.calculator is both Solar and Battery powered, so that it will work…
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Product Description

Basic calculators are necessary tools for everyone and are used in daily life works.

To meet the expectation of one’s need it is necessary to choose the right calculator.

basic calculators helps to perform simple calculations

basic calculator is quite unique.

calculator is both Solar and Battery powered, so that it will work anywhere(Including nighttime lighting)

Large calculator, large button, crystal button design, long-term use does not fade, it will not be too big when you hold it, because its size is moderate, it is most suitable for business, family, office to calculate any result, Best handheld calculator neither too big. It has extra large display – 12 digits display ,

so it is easy reading and easy to press buttons.

calculator not only has all the basic major functions, but also has a lot of features.

It has quick tax calculation and easy profit margin calculation features.

Easy to read calculator with extra large LCD display, 12 digit display.

General purpose desktop calculator, perfect for home, office or store.

Black panel and white button fashion style, ABS material durable plastic buttons.

Solar and battery dual power works even longer.

High resilience key design convenient input.

Crystal button is anti-wear and does not fade for a long time.

Featured Specifications:

Color: rose gold

12 Digits

Extra Large Display

Auto-Power Off

Independent Memory

M+, M-

Grand Total (GT)

Package includes:

1 x Rose gold large Electronic Desktop Calculator(Does not contain AA batteries)

Product Features

  • 12 digits, better vision, eye-angled, upright LCD display; Auto power off.
  • Solar powered and battery back-up make the desktop calculator keep working in low light conditions.calculators work on solar power and battery as a battery back up and has an automatic power-off.
  • Big number, large button, Easy to read and operate. double 0 makes calculating faster.
  • Easy to Carry, This Handheld Desktop Calculator, perfect choice for office and home.
  • Large LCD Display:12 digits make it more useful for large calculations.